Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Muffins, Pants, Leftovers

I wasn't going to shop today but we were out of flour and I really wanted to use some over ripe bananas we had for banana walnut muffins. It's a recipe I haven't made before so that marks off one new baked goody from my 2015 first quarter goals. They're in the oven right now. Tomorrow will be a no spend day instead.

I ended up buying a new pair of pants for work too so that shot my daily average up a bit. As much as I hate spending money some things are just absolute necessity. I saved $12 on a pair of $26 pants so I think I did pretty good with that buy.

I've two little accomplishments that I'm kind of happy to report after just about one week into 2015: 1.) We haven't thrown out any food. I've been doing great using up leftovers and making sure fruits and veggies get used up before they go bad. I'm not sure we've ever thrown out a ton of food but we definitely aren't great at using up all the left overs and there's occasional produce that just doesn't make it. I'm going to pay super close attention to what's around so that we aren't throwing any food out. 2.) There's been no dining out, take out, fast food, drive through coffee; no food away from home period. That just makes me smile.

Also, the basement clean up is in full swing. I think it's really going to take me at least 12 weeks but I'm so proud of my progress.

And that's my January 6 update  : )

Average daily spending for 2015: $20.43


  1. Good job! I'm really focusing on food waste this year too. We waste too much.

    1. Sadly it's really easy for food to accidentally go bad. I'm working on it! I hate throwing out food just because it's wasteful but it's such a waste of money too (obviously).

    2. Respecting food is one of my foodie goals this year, too!
      Proud of your progress!

    3. We seriously do think SOOO much alike. Even when we're not e-mailing each other every day! Awesome... I mean, we're awesome :)