Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chicago Round Two

With the exception of parking while in Chicago the husband and I spent very little while we were there for the show. I'm quite proud of our restraint and we had a good time. After driving all night and arriving home at 5am we'd only gone a few dollars over the $12 a day budget.

Friday I headed back to Chicago with my sister and a friend for two days. Two trips to Chicago in one week was a crazy odd scheduling error. I probably won't go back for another 6 months at least. My sister actually paid for most of the trip. We took the train in and out of Indiana which saved on gas, parking, and tolls. We stayed in a nice hotel that I got over 50% off on We ate at Giordanos (best pizza on the planet) and the Cheesecake factory (Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!!!). I did buy one Caramel Macchiotto at Starbucks. The hotel coffee was pretty blah. We spent about $7 each on the subway. We went to the Lincoln park zoo which was free. The meerkats were super cute! I almost bought a shirt that I loved. I do partially regret not getting it but we all know I can't afford it. I did pick up at least two different stuffed animals and carry them with me for a tiny bit absolutely intent on buying them until I came to my senses and said goodbye to them each. One was a monkey that my nephew would have adored. And the other was an awesome little piglet that I need (yeah, no I don't really "need" it) to complete my winnie the pooh stuffed animals family. I didn't end up buying anything in any of the shops in Chicago... not even chocolate. I always buy chocolate in Chicago.

The final consensus is that I spent much too much money this week, $52.11 too much but I think I did an excellent job saving money and not spending money while in Chicago for my sisters birthday. It was her first official Chicago trip and other than the rain I think it was a success. Happy Birthday little Sis!!!

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