Monday, February 28, 2011

I Think I Hate the Envelope System

This $12 a day thing is teaching me that I'm very bad at planning and that I'm incredibly near sighted. I took out all the cash for this weeks budget yesterday. I spent $15.89 on the tiniest bag of dog food I've ever bought. I bought a soda at a pub for $2. I spent $33.71 on a few groceries for the week. Then last night I was starving and majorly craving sugar so I made a pretty unnecessary run to the store for protein bars and stuff to make cinnamon brown sugar walnut baked apples that cost $6.47. It's like I've got all this cash that I can spend (as opposed to just the $12 per day) and I'm just spending it. I know that I will need it later and yet because I have it I don't feel like it's really wrong to be spending it. I only have $18 left for the week. I should be able to get by quite well with just $18 but if I were actually spending $12 a day I'd still have $60 left. I hate money.

I'm not bringing the $18 to work with me tomorrow. If I do I'll likely spend at least half of it and this week will continue to head downhill FAST. We still have cash. The budget for the week is balanced (in theory). Oooh, I've almost gone 1 whole month without using overdraft! I'm excited.

P.S. I know that you're technically supposed to have different envelopes for different things, i.e; food, clothes, gifts, household supplies. I'm working with just $12 a day for ALL that stuff plus I have a difficult enough time handling just 2 envelopes. For now 2 is going to have to do. At least I have envelopes now.

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  1. Totally love your blog and feel your pain. We too are limited on the amount of money we can spend on groceries/household items and not use the dreaded credit card. Keep up the good work.