Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Basement Adventures Part 3

I told you my basement was gross. Yes, that's a shower and it's just hanging out in the open on one of the walls in the basement. In fact it was the only shower in this house until my husband had one put in the upstairs bathroom for my birthday awhile after we moved into the house. The broom is part of the shower because once you were done showering you had to sweep the water to the drain in the center of the basement floor. Ah, the memories. The thing that baffles my mind is that my husband's grandparents and his mom and his aunt used this shower for as long as they lived here. Yuck! Oh, and the windows down there are neither covered or foggy. You can see right into that basement from outside.

This I found in my grandmother's sewing table. It appears to never have been used. I think it's cute. I googled it and you can buy a more modern version still but they don't appear to be very popular little machines. It seems like it'd be difficult to hold or at least that it would give you a hand cramp. I'm going to see if it works and give it a whirl though. Hey, I don't call these basement adventures for nothing.

This is one of my favorite finds so far. I could never imagine re-webbing lawn furniture but I come from the "have it your way, right away" generation of folks. We don't fix things. We throw things out and buy better ones, most of my generation that is. I love this. It just reminds me/ reaffirms that there really used to be a culture of take care, really re-use, and fix what's broken. I want to be like that! I want to take care of what we have. I want to make due and find new uses for everything. I want to be the odd ball who re-webs lawn furniture like they used to do in the old days (that's totally metaphorical though because we don't own any lawn furniture). I'm either going to make a shadow box for this and hang it on my wall or find some really creative use for it.

That ends today's basement adventures. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank goodness hubby put that bathroom in upstairs!!! It's always nice to know there is an extra one though if you ever need it!!

    I remember those little sewing machines - somebody probably bought it for grandma & she didn't want anything to do with that little "gadget" :)

    Sue :)

    1. There was a tub upstairs but no shower. I mean I could have just taken a bath everytime I wanted to get clean, ugh! The shower was one of my favorite gifts EVER!

      oooh, I think you called it. That little sewing thing was probably a gift. haha, yeah my Grandmother sewed all the time. She was probably like, yeah, no, I'll stick with my regular sewing machine thanks.

  2. Love the webbing. My in-laws are always buying any web like lawn chairs at garage sales and flea markets because they like them so much more than the folding camping chairs (the ones that fold up in the bags), or even the plastic web ones that get sticky sitting on in hot days. I am sure FIL would fix his chairs if he got a hold of your find.

    1. Oh goodness, that's awesome! The fact that they are on the hunt for this type of chair... I didn't really realize that they aren't sold in stores, at least not much any more. I can't remember the last time I saw one in a store. Yikes, that's kind of sad. The plastic ones are totally annoying. I like folding camping chairs though.

      FYI, I did just google it and you can still buy re-webbing online :) So if he does feel the need to fix up any of his chairs :D haha, you learn something new everyday right