Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Spending

What a weekend. But first, how is March only one week away? That'd be March of 2015, right? I'm apparently in denial about the passing of time. It seems to me like it should still be the beginning of January.

Yesterday I went to breakfast with a friend again (again, meaning for the second time this year). I spent $4 at breakfast.

Then in the evening we attended a surprise party (my husband and kiddo and I) for a friend. Food and pop were included. My husband bought beer but I'm not taking that out of the spending budget. That goes into his spending category. We also didn't bring a gift but my husband is giving the birthday guy a gift later... we tried to bring a gift but I had car issues. Nothing major but I didn't make it to my destination. Darn it I feel the need to explain now. I was driving to a local music store to get a gift card but the car started acting up and it felt like a flat tire. There wasn't a flat. The heat shield under the engine busted and was dragging on the ground. I was able to drive it home fine but I took back roads. We can just remove the heat shield for now once I figure out how to get under the car with all this snow everywhere. Anyway, the car is okay but we didn't bring a gift to the party.

My husband has this week off of work, just to use up vacation time. He decided that we needed to go to the mall this morning. First of all we don't go to the mall anymore. We used to go to the mall often enough. But it almost feels like a foreign land to us now. I think he just wanted to get out of the house during his "vacation." I was scared of how much money might flutter away during the outing but none the less, "okay hunny." He said he wanted new shoes.

We went to the mall. Walked around a good bit. Got to tour a million campers that were set up inside the mall. Oh, and I overheard a sales man say, word for word, "yeah, yesterday a couple stopped in here to buy a pair of shoe laces and they bought a $25,000 camper from me instead." Wow! I can't even imagine... It was fun looking inside all the campers. My husband bought a fruity drink for little Abe that cost $3 something and then since he was promised a toy if he was a very good boy we decided to leave the mall and go to a sort of dollar store across the street so he could pick out a toy. He got a dinosaur transformers type toy for $5 something and our entire journey came to an end (after walking to Barnes and Noble so little Abe could use the potty).

I had zero no spend days this weekend but went on three outings that cost a total of $12.58. That's probably some kind of a new record for me. Oh, and when we made the bathroom break in Barnes and Noble I REALLY wanted to stop at the Starbucks and get a mocha of some sort. I did not but I was SOOOOO close to caving. And on the way home from the mall my husband said he wanted to pick up food but as we couldn't decide on a place that sounded good he suggested we go home and "just make eggs." Wow, I'm increasingly more and more proud of this man. Win, win, win! We didn't buy any shoes either.

I took the next two days off from work since my husband is on vacation and we don't spend a lot of time together and because of my birthday coming up so the official weekend is coming to an end but my extended weekend still has two days to go. Maybe I can get in a no spend day? Haha! I honestly don't think I'm going to.

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.90

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