Saturday, February 7, 2015

Plan, plan, plan

My son is napping right now and I basically just spent the last hour writing out a shopping list, looking through the ad online, trying to stay in the spending budget I drew out for myself, mixing coupons with sale prices with deals, and I am now exhausted. We should have a very successful shopping trip when he wakes up but I feel like I just spent the last hour doing homework for school or something. If I don't pull off three no spends in a row after today I will be a very grouchy woman.

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE shopping! Grr

Projected average daily spending for 2015 if today and the next three days go as planned: $17.75

Update: I'm back. I spent $53.90. My goal was $54. I saved $23.21 and I earned a $9 store reward (that's basically $9 cash to spend at the store in the future). Now onto those no spend days!


  1. You can do it!!! We just did the same thing - we haven't done a major shop for quite awhile so I budgeted $200 this paycheck....they had an awesome sale on chicken and beef roasts so we stocked up but still only came in at about $152 with only eggs, Crystal Light, & Diet Coke with Lime (non-negotiable) to still get at the cheaper grocery store.

    Hubby is now food-saving the meat we got so I am about to look up recipes for chicken leg quarters since I got them for about $2 for a family pack! I don't think we will have to put more than $30 in the grocery budget for next payday so that will be a total of about $200 (my budget this paycheck alone) for the month - not bad for 3 people....and my oldest who often comes and "shops" in moms cabinets & fridge :)

    Sue :)

  2. WOW you guys did great! Now if you can just enjoy eating at home you're totally rocking out February!!!

  3. See - you rocked your grocery budget too!!! Great job!!!

    We did eat out tonight.....BUT WAIT.....we went to Chili's with some friends & did the 2/$20 and I did budget $50 for eating out this month so that is ok......right???? We will NOT go over that $50 I PROMISE!!!

    Sue :)

    1. I'm quite proud of myself!
      The 2/$20 deal is a really good one. Hey, if you're going to eat out then you might as well try and do it cheaper than normal right. And I am rooting you on, for sure, but $50 for the month sounds waaaaay low. I think you said you're used to spending something like $500 a month on eating out. You might want to adjust your goal to something like $200 or $150 at minimum. BUT this is coming from someone who says often, "shoot for the stars and you might just hit the moon. Shoot for the moon and you'll probably not make it much past the clouds. Always aim high!" This is just the way I function personally. I am excited to hear how your month goes. I'm rooting you on for that $50 goal!!! But if you eat out less than normal and come in under the normal $500 mark I'm proud of you too.

  4. Replies
    1. I've got today in the bag. Two to go!