Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just Wednesday

I kind of got carried away today. I was going to spend about $10, only not really, because I had a $9 store reward. That means I was planning on spending about a $1 today. That was my plan. I needed to buy some taco fixins for dinner tonight and some sugar. I ended up buying playdough, a kitchen timer that was on clearance for $2.39, and a preschool workbook for my little guy, along with more groceries that I'd hoped for. Yikes! Talk about no self control. I spent $20 today, only $19 more than planned. There goes the three no spends in a row that I just pulled off. Hey, you win some and you lose some...

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.04

I've a goal of coming in under $17.50 a day average for the year by the end of this month. That leaves $248.23 in the spending budget for the rest of the month. That should be pretty easy to pull off. Now to plan, plan, plan, and prioritize!


  1. It isn't like you went out and bought $20 worth of ice cream (ooooooh....) - you got food, which is necessary to life, things to make your child more creative/smarter, and....well, you got me on the kitchen timer - something to help you not burn the food which is a necessity of life - I know that is pushing it but work with me here :)

    I am proud to announce that we have eaten out a total of 1 time this month and it is already the 11th - 10 days without eating out - absolutely a record for us.....thanks to your inspiration & good vibes :)

    Sue :)

    1. ONE TIME! Sue that's amazing, truly! Great job!!!