Friday, February 6, 2015

Blogs I love - The Hawaii Plan

The Hawaii Plan is a blog I love because this woman knows how to prioritize and get things done! The author of this blog is a hard working mom who puts a lot of time and energy into doing really well in the workplace and at home. She's able to work, get her kids to soccer practice and spend great quality time with them, runs marathons, and fits in date nights with her husband. And she meal plans like a boss. I know people who are considerably less busy and yet they "need" to eat out all of the time because there "just isn't enough time." I am encouraged and feel a bit more motivated every time I stop by The Hawaii plan.

I personally never feel like there's enough time in my day and truth be told she's juggling about 100 more things than I am and yet she manages to tackle and conquer some pretty impressive goals on a regular basis. I also love that she takes time out to really focus on herself and on her health. I think that health often times takes the very back burner in our busy lives (I know I act like it's the last thing that matters) and I find intense encouragement from her that I can take care of me and get everything else done just about every time I read through her posts.

I love this blog and would encourage anyone to stop on by for a visit: The Hawaii Plan


In the "Blogs I love" posts this month I'm simply giving a little shout out to blogs that I find myself commenting on most often and that tend to encourage me or make me smile. I'm absolutely not trying to exclude anyone. There's a world of wonderful bloggers out there. I follow many of you and love your blogs too.


  1. Thank you so much!!! I just saw this for the first time - I'm so very flattered & touched. This made my day. :-) Big hugs to you!!

    1. Big hugs back! I enjoy all your updates :)