Thursday, February 26, 2015

February numbers are in

Here's my spending rundown for the month with average daily spending for each category. My average spending for the month is up, coming in at $18.10 a day. But I hit my goal for the year so far, coming in under $17.50 a day like I'd planned. I hope to be closer to $17 a day by the end of March.

There are two days left this month but I'm done spending (and I have some birthday money; call it cheating if you must but I'll be using birthday money for anything else I might need or want to buy these next two days; cake fixins)

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.47

$11.53 a day on Groceries. Total for February $322.80
72 cents a day on Toiletries. Total $19.98

71 cents a day on Gifts. Total $19.96
$2.80 a day on Food out. Total $78.55

43 cents a day on School supplies. Total $12.23
40 cents a day on Pets. Total $11.02
less than a penny a day on Christmas. Total 36 cents
7 cents a day on Clothing. Total $2.14
$1.43 a day on Stuff. Total $39.89

Average daily spending for February: $18.10

The interesting thing, and without even trying, maybe my average daily spending is no where near $12 a day, as I titled the blog on January 1 of 2011 but my average daily spending for groceries has been just under $12 a day for the past two months. Ideally, I'd like it to be lower than that but at least my blog title is still relevant in some sense.

I'm not going to delve into the daily spending averages for each category like I did last month. I'm too tired. But I still enjoyed compiling them. It really is pretty neat to see a categorized "daily spending average." Like pets: 40 cents a day this month and $1.90 a day last month. That brings my yearly average for spending on pets to $1.18 a day. Maybe I'm slightly insane but I really enjoy seeing that number; all the categorized spending numbers. It's pretty fun!

Now I must return to trying to cleaning my house as best I can between, you know, working and taking care of my kid and husband, and baking a cake for the company that invited themselves over this weekend for the birthday party we said we weren't having... gah, some people's parents! I really hate cleaning... I hope everyone had a splendid February and managed to stay warm. I didn't do so well in that arena. I think I've been cold for two months straight. Well, I bet cleaning the house is going to warm me up. I also promised myself some stove top hot cocoa when I retire from cleaning this evening. Okay, okay, enough rambling. Back to life!

February 2015 Total: $506.93

Groceries $39.00    2.25
Milk and beer $10.47    2.24
Birthday breakfast $14.59    2.24
Crazy bounce $18.00    2.23
Juice and a toy $8.58    2.22
Breakfast with a friend $4    2.21
Groceries $25.48    2.20
Cat litter $7.99    2.19
Groceries $3.43    2.19
Lunch $3.40    2.19
Groceries $13.49    2.18
Groceries $10.17    2.17   
Other dollar store shopping $8.42    2.17
Dollar store school supplies $3.18    2.17
Big helper reward $1.06    2.17
Groceries $21.89    2.16
NO SPEND day 17    2.15
Groceries $8    2.14
TP and wipes $14    2.14
Groceries (including a few valentines items) $15.95    2.13
Valentines Pizza $13.77    2.13
Groceries $11.89    2.12
lunch $8.51    2.12
Groceries $12.64    2.11
Playdough and a timer $4.89    2.11
Preschool workbook $2.47    2.11
NO SPEND day 16    2.10
NO SPEND day 15    2.9
NO SPEND day 14    2.8
Groceries $53.90    2.7
School supplies $6.58    2.6
Groceries $5.48    2.6
Christmas craft 36 cents    2.5
Coffee and sandwich $3.38    2.5
Groceries $9.24    2.5
Socks $2.14    2.4
Groceries $10.02    2.4
Dollar store chores reward $1    2.3
Groceries $3.35    2.2
Coffee and a donut $2.88    2.2
Dinner at Five Guys $28.02    2.1
A gift for my kiddo and one for my nephew $18.90    2.1
Vitamin E for kiddos brittle nails $5.98    2.1
Dog treats $3.03    2.1
Groceries $67.40    2.1


  1. I think you did fantastic and honestly, I really wonder if $12 is possible with all the challenges life throws at us! It is always fantastic to have a goal, but we have to learn to be flexible, will notice I say this 2 days before posting my eating out numbers...... :)

    1. Thank-you kindly!
      I am eager to hear your report but I know you have to wait until March.
      $12 a day was when it was just me and my hubby and I ate A LOT of ramen noodles that year. Haha! Not the healthiest meal. I think other people pull it off with couponing and great bargain shopping. I'm not there yet. I don't know if I'll ever be BUT I'm trying my darndest. At least I've got that!

  2. Brilliant! I do a monthly analysis (but I don't publish it) and I love seeing the numbers. It feels slightly obsessive but better obsessive than broke!

    1. Exactly! "better obsessive than broke!"