Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Helper Jar

The cotton balls in my little guy's big helper jar reached the line last night. So today we made a trip to the dollar store. I told him that he could pick any ONE thing in the store as his reward for being such a big helper (he's feeding the dogs two times a day on his own and he helps pick up his toys in the evening; those are his chores right now).

We walked in the front door and he saw something immediately that he wanted. He pointed to the shovel right inside the door that they were using to shovel their sidewalks, "oooh, how about that!" I laughed. "Um, I guess you can have ALMOST anything in the store." He does love shoveling.

He picked a ball covered in a graphic of the globe with almost all the countries labeled. I love this jar idea. He was very excited to get the cotton balls to the line. So far he's been very proud of feeding the dogs all on his own. This has been a fun way to introduce chores.

Average daily spending for 2015: $19.25


  1. He really is a good little helper.

    1. At present at least he is totally my shadow so he does actually LOVE helping out with everything. Feeding the dogs is his first very own chore. He tells me that I can't help him with it now. He's very insistent too.

  2. the big helper jar is such a great idea! how creative and positive! love it!