Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blogs I love - Trundling Through Life

Trundling Through Life is one of my absolute favorite blogs. It's a fairly new blog so I shouldn't put too much pride in the fact that I've read each and every post the author has made but it is one of the few blogs I'm able to say that about.

Frugally Challenged over at Trundling through is not only a fabulous writer but she often brings her readers back to a time when people were more connected, the world wasn't so busy and techy, and when people just paid more attention to what matters. I've found many a moment of inspiration reading about her writing a thank-you note to a store manager for one of his staff going the extra mile, or during her wonderfully written original stories at Christmas time; and I can't help but smile each time I stop by her blog for a visit. You will always find a simply charming beauty there. I almost always leave with a bit more happiness in my heart and also feeling that I'd like to be a better person.

Although the posts can be anywhere from here to there (just like most of the rest of us); about a mending project she's undergoing on her stuffed bear Bobo, or a stroll through the park, or receiving the latest letter from a pen pal, or summer pudding (had no clue what that was prior to reading), I can't help but smile and enjoy reading every bit of every story. Frugally Challenged is certainly leaving her mark on the world through her fabulous blog.

I for one recommend stopping on by and giving her a hearty hello: Trundling Through Life

In the "Blogs I love" posts this month I'm simply giving a little shout out to blogs that I find myself commenting on most often and that tend to encourage me or make me smile. I'm absolutely not trying to exclude anyone. There's a world of wonderful bloggers out there. I follow many of you and love your blogs too.

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