Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogs I love - Pieliekamais

The author of Pieliekamais is a dear friend of mine and for no other reason than that I think this blog is totally worth stopping by. However she is also a fabulous individual who writes a very uplifting blog that highlights some great recipes and presents absolutely beautiful posts that could brighten anyone's day.

This blog is written in both English and Latvian as the author is a lovely Latvian woman. But please don't let the language issue deter you from stopping by. The author of Pieliekamais is in fact an accomplished world traveler with an eye for beauty. I feel like the photography alone on the blog reflects that and is able to enrich the lives of those of us who maybe haven't seen so much of the world. This author has spent time living in the US (which is how we met in the first place). She grew up in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. She now lives in the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe. She's also traveled to Spain, France, Ireland... I'm pretty sure I've lost track at this point.

In conclusion this blog is written by a dear friend, an absolutely beautiful and sincerely genuine individual who has a good deal of life experience to share with the world, and at a rather young age. She likes to notice the lovely things about the here and now, something I highly appreciate doing and her blog reflects all of that. This in another in the very short list of blogs that I can say I've actually read every post.

Stop on by and feel free to let her know I sent you.
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In the "Blogs I love" posts this month I'm simply giving a little shout out to blogs that I find myself commenting on most often and that tend to encourage me or make me smile. I'm absolutely not trying to exclude anyone. There's a world of wonderful bloggers out there. I follow many of you and love your blogs too.