Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Out of the Ordinary to-do list for May for a pop of color

  1. Make paella (per my husband's request; I've never even eaten paella)
  2. Root through wardrobe. pt.1 
  3. Get rid of a few things. pt.2
  4. Wear something I haven't worn in a long while. pt.3
  5. Go on a long walk.
  6. Enjoy a bonfire (somewhere... Starr?)
  7. Find my straggler gift cards and use them (I know I have two different ones).
  8. Re-purpose something in the house.
  9. Lay out and look at the stars with my buddy (if there's a warm enough evening).
  10. Make something to give to someone.
  11. Call my dad. (I think the last time I talked to him was at Christmas)
  12. Learn one phrase in Spanish each week (with little Abe).
  13. Bake some sort of new dessert with fruit.
  14. Go into a store that I've never been in. (this one already feels weird... can you tell I'm NOT a shopper)
  15. Draw something.
  16. Listen to music and dance.
  17. Try and be girly for one whole day. (this one already feels weird too)
  18. Gosh darn it, try and do something thoughtful for all the birthday peeps this month!
  19. Tell stories with little Abe (like on the fly, made up stories. He loved this last time I did it)
  20. Take a Thursday off work and go watch little Abe at swimming lessons.
  21. Day trip, visit a neighboring town with hubby and Abe.

The past two months have been full on robotic, get through the day, survival mode. I'm ready for wiggle room and new experiences. Hooray May! (I hope work has actually calmed down) Granted the budget is TIGHT (when is it not tight?) but I can wiggle without money. Wait, limited to no money makes people wiggle anyway though, right. Yeah, yeah, you get what I'm saying.


  1. Great list! I might have to borrow your star gazing one. We have a stellar (pun intended) sky view overlooking the valley, and it is definitely warm enough here. Must remember insect repellant though.

    This reminds me I have to update mine. I am having a hard time believing it is May already.

    1. Please do, I hope the stargazing one is on your list this month too :)

      You're right, it seems like the mosquitoes are going to be awful this year. It warmed up here for a little bit. The very first day of the warm spell there were mosquitoes galore. I couldn't even figure out how they could be so bad in less than one day of warm. It was crazy.

  2. I love this list! I want to join in. :) Yay for May!