Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spending... Grr... Goals

It's May. (I know, captain obvious) My average daily spending for last year was $17.94 a day. I achieved my goal last year and came in under $18 a day like I'd hoped. I'm pretty proud of the accomplishment. I set this year's goal at under $17 a day.

It's May (yeah, there I go again). I have yet to meet budget for ONE single month this year. Not one! In other words I've gone over my set budget every single month this year. Currently the average daily spending is at $19.04 a day. My goal for this month's spending is $448. There are twelve days left in the month and I'm at $357 already. That leaves $91 in my goal budget for the next twelve days ($7.58 a day).

Considering that I've spent an average of $19.04 a day this year, $7.58 a day for almost two weeks is going to be rough but I'm going for it. I really need to start hitting my monthly budget goals again, if not at least for morale for the bank account too.

Let the countdown begin!
Average daily spending for 2016: $19.04
$90.79 left in May's budget (12 days)


  1. Really pleased to see you posting budgeting posts again. I get all excited about you hitting your monthly targets!

    1. You are such a tremendous encouragement to me! Thank-you.
      I wanted to run to the ice cream place SOOOO badly this evening (when you live in a lake side/ beach town there are little ice cream places practically on every corner). It took a lot to restrain myself but I really want to meet my budget goal this month. Four months in a row of not meeting my goal is starting to feel pretty crummy.