Sunday, May 29, 2016

Reviewing May Goals Two Days Out

Out of the Ordinary to-do list for May for a pop of color

  1. Make paella (per my husband's request; I've never even eaten paella) I'm going to move this one to next month.
  2. Root through wardrobe. pt.1   Done. Yay!
  3. Get rid of a few things. pt.2 I brought seven things to Goodwill. One was a bridesmaid dress so I feel accomplished with this goal.
  4. Wear something I haven't worn in a long while. pt.3 This is not going to be happening. I don't have anything I haven't worn in a long while that actually still fits.
  5. Go on a long walk. It was more of a meander but the three of us went on a long walk together. Done.
  6. Enjoy a bonfire  Yippee!
  7. Find my straggler gift cards and use them (I know I have two different ones). I keep looking forward to this and just not getting around to it. Maybe this will be a mission for Tuesday.
  8. Re-purpose something in the house. Hmm, not sure what I was thinking.
  9. Lay out and look at the stars with my buddy (if there's a warm enough evening). We weren't out there for a super long time but it was so fun and we saw a shooting star. Little Abe was very impressed.
  10. Make something to give to someone. I sorted of cheated with this one. I had two extra tomato plants that I grew and I gave them to my neighbor. That counts, right?
  11. Call my dad. I am cheating with this one too. I did not call my dad but my brother had us all over this evening and my dad was there. Seeing him at some point this month was my intention behind the "call" so I think this goal was accomplished.
  12. Learn one phrase in Spanish each week (with little Abe). We worked on a phrase the first week but then I kind of forgot to add new ones.
  13. Bake some sort of new dessert with fruit. I baked an apple crumble recipe that I'd never tried and a banana cake with strawberry glaze. Totally accomplished this goal.
  14. Go into a store that I've never been in. (this one already feels weird... can you tell I'm NOT a shopper) I can probably do this on Tuesday while I'm embarking upon the gift card mission.
  15. Draw something. I can totally do this tomorrow. Like the walk, I should have had this done by now.
  16. Listen to music and dance. Little Abe and I did this awhile ago. It was fun (always is; should be on the to-do list all the time)
  17. Try and be girly for one whole day. (this one already feels weird too) I've thought about being girly for one whole day several times. This goal is proving to be challenging not because I'm a TOTAL tomboy but because I'm not sure how I want to define "girly" in order to accomplish it.
  18. Gosh darn it, try and do something thoughtful for all the birthday peeps this month! I failed on this one and it really upsets me because this is something I want to be really good at. I wrote four different people's names down on my calendar that I wanted to mail b-day cards to and I didn't send any. I have my niece and nephew their birthday gifts super late. Gah! Why is this so hard when it really is important to me.
  19. Tell stories with little Abe (like on the fly, made up stories. He loved this last time I did it) We need to do this tonight before bed (ideally while we're laying out looking at the stars)
  20. Take a Thursday off work and go watch little Abe at swimming lessons. I blogged about this the other day. I sort of accomplished this one... butt there was poop involved.
  21. Day trip, visit a neighboring town with hubby and Abe. There was a festival/ carnival in a close neighboring town and we stopped there for the morning. It was tons of fun.
  22. Listen to nature. We listen to nature a lot but one day we sat out in the backyard and took turns closing our eyes and then saying one thing we heard. It was so entertaining. The sounds of the city combined with nature are so intriguing. 

Average daily spending for 2016: $18.31
$10.59 left in May's budget (2 days)

I lucked out on this month's spending. My dad gave me birthday money today (very, very late; I haven't seen him since Christmas (and was not expecting a birthday card)) so I have $40 to spend out of budget. No, that is not cheating. That is called being very fortunate, lucky, blessed. Whatever it's called, it's a gift and I can spend it on whatever I want without counting it in the daily spending. Woohoo!!!!!


  1. Sometimes gifts myst just be gifts. Maybe you can fill in your wardrobe a bit.

    1. I already bought a pair of much needed capris! I know, I need to get a few more items then that.

  2. You are doing great. It seems that the to do list is always getting longer.
    I have $200/week for food, gas and everything else that I need. And I never seem to make it. It is disappointing but I think that it isn't realistic.

    1. I hear you. My average daily spending goal this year might not be realistic either. For now I'm just going to try and get closer. I might adjust the goal a few more months out.