Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just a post about the weather

The siding on our home is tin. This feature makes the sound of falling raindrops very pronounced. When we first moved in it drove me slightly crazy. Over the past 10 plus years it's grown to sound a little musical.

I've been listening to the music of raindrops on the siding for days. There have been a few bursts of sunshine but for the most part it's been raining and raining and raining for what seems like forever. The gloom has gotten to me for a few moments here and there. I wish little Abe and I could be spending more time outdoors (we'd play in the rain if it were warmer). But the heavenly green that results from the seemingly endless rain is just priceless. I don't envision heaven to be all white with big fluffy clouds as it's portrayed in many a movie. Rather I imagine it's home to the most gorgeous blues and the most vibrant greens that any soul could ever wish to see. We get a little peak of that when it rains.

It hasn't been a downpour so the plants are happy, healthy and thriving. The birds are active. The gloom is there in the sky but there is so much beauty and music in the rain. Maybe I should add "listen to raindrops" for the May to-do list. I could just mark that one off now (or days ago).

1 comment:

  1. I think listening to nature's music should definitely be on your list!

    I think Heaven will be magnificent beyond anything we can or could ever imagine, though I do hope there is some periwinkle around since it is my favorite shade of blue.