Tuesday, May 28, 2019

photos, dishes, and sprinkles

The past few days I've been working at backing up photos from the latter half of last year and the first few months of this year. I keep all of our photos stored on discs organized by month and year. I also compile an album on Shutterfly each year. Yesterday's WIN was finishing up last year's album and photo back up. As well as saving a ton of money on the book. Shutterfly occasionally does a "free pages" promo. I've learned to compile our albums and wait to order them until a free pages ad comes up. Free pages means that you pay the base price for whichever album you choose and no matter how many extra pages you add (generally priced at 95 cents for each page over, I think it's 25 pages) you don't pay the extra per page price. I LOVE the free pages promo! Our album for last year is around 85 pages, came to around $107 and I paid $34 with the free pages promo including shipping. Win! Win! Win!

As for the FAIL I'm going to say the dishes. I have an on going battle with our dishes. They hate me. Okay, not really. I had been keeping up on the darn little buggers quite well but in the past few days I let them get away from me. It doesn't matter though, right? The only problem is that it does matter. I hate it when the kitchen is full of dirty dishes. I hate it when I can't cook until I've washed the dishes that I need in order to start making dinner. That's yesterday's fail BUT today I recovered. Yay!

Mondays I get home from work at noon and my husband goes in to work a second shift. On Mondays I'm so tired. Me, Abe, baby girl, we were all grouchy and irritable yesterday in the evening. I'd asked Abe if he wanted to go for a walk, just to get out of the house, just to leave behind the grouchies. He was totally on board. He put his bike helmet on and brought his bike out. I put a little sweatshirt on baby sister. We all started out for our walk and then it started to sprinkle. Grr... nope. We went for a 40 minute walk/ bike ride in the rain and loved it. SPICE.


  1. You certainly bagged a bargain there. Much nicer to have a book rather than just whizzing pictures on the 'pooter.

    My dishes often make a takeover bid too - wish they could just fly into the dishie!

  2. I've been trying to put a photo book together of our trip. I missed out on getting free book ordered because I wasn't ready, but will now get the pictures ready and wait for the next promo. I hope your week picks up and the grouch's go. Smart to get some movement with the bike-usually helps doesn't it?

  3. A bike/walk in the rain sounds like the sweetest spice!
    I hate the kitchen to be messy too. I don't leave out dirty dishes, but my kitchen is always cluttered. I don't know why it is so difficult for me to put spices back in the spice cabinet.