Saturday, April 16, 2011


I think I might be quiting quiting coffee. I haven't bought any new beans and I was drinking tea everyday until my husband finished off my creamer (whole milk... he drinks skim but we ran out). Then I started doing the $4 coffee thing because I was like "ok, one last treat and then I'll be done with coffee officially so I don't need to buy any grounds anyway." And then I had one more last treat and then I had one more last treat. Apparently I have NO will power. GRRR!

I'm ending this week $1.59 over budget. I'm not too upset with that seeings how I went into coffee spree spending mode as of late AND I bought fertilizer for the lawn this week. My husband spent less this week then he's been spending. So thats good news. Yes I'm still embarking upon that battle.

The fridge is still running. The forecasted snow showers for today ended up being rain showers. Hooray for April showers and May flowers! I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning... That's all the good news I've got for now.

Oh, yeah I bought cat litter this week too. I'd say I did pretty good!

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