Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Moment

Dave Ramsey says in one of the FPU lessons that he and his wife had gone out to dinner one nite and they'd forgotten the food money envelope. They made the decision to turn around, go back home and get the food envelope because they were determined to stick to the system. Dave said that it was in that moment that something clicked inside of them, they drew a line in the sand and said we're not going to misbehave anymore.

Well yesterday I don't know if it was THEE moment but as I passed by the 50 percent off cadbury eggs and very adamantly decided that it's not "only" $3 it's three WHOLE dollars and death by a thousand cuts I certainly had A moment. I'm actually still in shock about not picking those little buggers up and adding them to the groceries in the cart. It's going to be an entire year before they return AND they were on clearance but I resisted. I drew that line in the sand and made the declaration "Cadbury eggs are not a necessity and I want to balance this months budget!!!" I feel as if that one decision has made me a little stronger. I think in that moment I broke through the runners wall. I feel fueled up to go on for a whole lot longer now.

Today I spent $10.94. I've $6.93 to spend tomorrow and $12 a day from there on out in order to balance this months budget. So far so good!

I'd like to give a shout out to all of you who've been reading and commenting. I really appreciate your interest and your support. THANK-YOU, thankyou, muchas gracias and thanks again! You're appreciated  : )


  1. That was quite a sacrifice, I mean a Cadbury egg. That milk chocolate ,creamy center, caramel surprise. I to had a moment where I went back to my house to get a gift card to pay for dinner out. I would have usually written a hot check or charged it, but no more. I will get out of debt!

  2. Oh good for you!!! I caved... bought some yesterday. Then almost made a second trip there today. Had to tell myself that would be a totally stupid move since I shouldn't have bought ANY in the first place.

  3. you did well! we have about a half a pkt left here, they'll be gone by the end of the night, you sound really determined!!

  4. Those sound amazing right now. Im not going to lie, Ive been raiding my daughter's Easter basket for candy so I dont have to buy any! haha

    Mom of the year right here!! lol

  5. If they lived close by, say around 10 minutes then going back was a good decision. However if they had to drive a long distance to get the envelope wouldn't that then offset the gas money and just be a waste of time?