Saturday, April 9, 2011


I paid the mortgage late last month because we didn't have enough money in time. Turns out using the overdraft would have cost considerably less money then paying a late payment fee for the mortgage. Thus this month when the mortgage came due and the money was a week out I used the overdraft account instead of paying the mortgage late. I hate to admit it. I hate that I did it but as I see it it was the smartest thing to do. On an up side I made it TWO months without touching the overdraft account. I'm not even kidding I used to use it almost every week. I guess now I'll see if I can make it three months without touching it again. This money thing is really much more difficult than what it seems it should be. Granted I've thrown some extra work into the mix by charging myself into a hole that I now have to climb out of but in general it's quite a lot of work being financially responsible.

Wrapping up week one of April the tally comes out to $1.51 under budget. It's not the $11.91 under that I was shooting for but I'll take it!

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  1. The good thing is that you are paying attention to your money. Sometimes we have to make the best decision with what we have. A three-month goal is great! And, hey, you came under budget for the week. That's awesome! Keep working it!