Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I spent $6.43 today. That leaves $12.50 to spend tomorrow and $12 a day Friday and Saturday and the budget for April will be balanced!!! It's not like I want April to be over. The month has flown by but I did really well with the budget in January and February. March was awful and I went $144.13 over budget which of course meant that I couldn't put that $144.13 towards the credit card debt. I'm really excited about getting back on track, hence the count down to balancing April's budget and my extreme determination.

In other exciting news (even though there're still three days left in the week) my husband has spent less this week so far than any other week this year. Yes I am doing a little victory dance right now. Oh, and I'm only 10 days away from a "1 month without having gone into overdraft" mark. I guess that means I've only gone two thirds of a month without using the darn thing, but I'm happy with that  : )

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  1. being able to stay out of the overdraft is great! and it's good that your hubby is cutting back too. Well done!!