Saturday, April 30, 2011

My very own Forsythia

I don't really have a problem buying stuff. I should re-iterate; I don't really have a problem buying stuff ANYMORE. I spent ALL of last year tackling that one. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in almost 2 years. Apart from new pants for work I think it's been almost a year since I purchased an article of clothing. I don't buy things for the house. I'm a firm believer in using something until it's completely unusable. We don't need new rugs, or curtains, or towels, or sheets, or things like that. I'm not in anyway concerned with aesthetics. Our stuff is mostly all hand me downs type stuff like used couches, used appliances. I'm thankful for everything we have despite it's velveteen rabbit like qualities and I just don't struggle with buying stuff (anymore). My struggle really is with food. A person can get away quite easily with spending very little money on nourishment if they can sacrifice all the little luxuries; soda, desserts, coffees, snacks, there are so many unnecessary little luxuries that we've made a staple of our daily lives.

All that being said I've oddly been craving yard stuffs for a few months this year. I noticed the tiny blueberry bushes for sale at the store a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to get them out of my mind since. I want a blueberry bush!!! (they're fairly cheep but it's the principle of the thing... I don't need a blueberry bush). Everytime I pass by the flowers in the garden center I think of how wonderful it would be to plant some annuals in the front bed this year. I haven't put annuals in the front bed for a few years but for some reason this year I want to SOOO badly. And that brings me to the Forsythia. When I was a kid we had a long row of forsythia bushes lining the side of our house that my bedroom window was on. Every spring there'd be a row of brilliantly yellow bushes running the entire length of the house. I used to stand at my widow and just marvel at the beauty of all those tiny yellow flowers. I've wanted a forsythia bush of my very own for our yard ever since we purchased this house. For some reason this year I'm just craving yard stuffs, all of which I in no way need.

This morning I noticed something in my neighbors yard right outside my bedroom window directly next to our fence (technically it's in our yard because we put our fence in a few feet off of our property line (technicalities)). I'd never noticed it before because 1.) it was previously buried in a huge row of boxwoods that we cut down a year or two ago and 2.) it was pretty mutilated when we cut down the boxwoods (I even thought we should have pulled it out too 3.) it's just big enough this year to be really pretty. I've decided against purchasing any annuals this year. I do not need them. I think I'm going to buy a blueberry bush for "only" $3 as sort of a reward after I pay off that darn Chase card. And amazingly, awesomely I just noticed this morning that I do have a beautiful bright yellow forsythia in my yard (or in the neighbors yard, whatever).

I just have to throw it out there:
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desires. Ps. 37:4


  1. I love Forsythia. They are the first sign of spring here. Easy to grow, but they get snarly as they get older if you want to grow hedge.

  2. So pretty!! Im slightly jealous to have that to look at. All we have are trees! haha

  3. Beautiful! I love this verse too. God is good!
    Michelle H.
    PS I don't know how to leave a comment other than under the Anonymous title. Every time I sign up for Google - it just takes me back to the sign up page...hmm