Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I wanted quite badly to buy coffee today but instead I filled a cup with hot water and added a bag of tea. It was good.

I would very much have liked to buy a cadbury egg today as the season is coming to a close and they'll all be gone soon. I can't actually remember the last time I had one. I'm sure I wrote about it on here. Side note: I find it quite amusing that my blog entitled "cadbury eggs" which is in fact quite boring is the most viewed blog I've written and is not falling from it's top spot. Apparently I'm not the only one with a ridiculous love of those little balls of chocolate goodness. Instead of the chocolaty delicious egg filled with pure sugar I got a few chocolate covered pretzels from bulk foods. I love bulk foods because you can get some pretty good stuff for only a few cents.

I also would like to have bought lunch today... I haven't eaten much as of yet. Instead I grabbed half of a really hard bagel when I stopped at the office. It was good and free but I can't help but wonder how old it was.

Today I spent $19.01 on groceries/ dinner. I am currently 13 cents under budget for the week. I'm happy to be under budget still and I'm happy to have resisted so many obstacles today but if I want to end the week $11 and some under budget I'm going to have to do better. I know it's doable I just need to focus and keep putting off buying the fertilizer for the yard that my husband has been asking me to pick up everyday.

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