Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, Thinking About Coffee

If you've read very many posts here you've noticed that I genuinely love coffee (and sugar). Those are two unhealthy addictions that I suffer. Last year I gave up coffee quite successfully for I think it amounted to 6 months. I was doing somewhat of an experiment to see if I could be me without coffee or if coffee was in fact a part of who I am. It wasn't an attempt to save money but I know that I saved a considerable amount during those 6 months.

While writing this blog I've done a decent job not purchasing coffee (comparatively) at shops and drive thrus. I have saved a ton of money due to my restraint but the beans are still expensive, and the creamer costs money, and quite frankly I'm sick of grabbing a few packs of splenda every time I walk past the cafe because I cannot justify spending $10 on a box of it.

All of that being said I think I'm going to cut it out again. I do enjoy it alot, but I also spend way too much money on it. I have some serious debt that I want to get rid of and the coffee habit isn't helping resolve the issue. I'm not going to be as adamantly strict as I was last year with my coffee hiatus. For example I won't return a hot cocoa if Starbucks mistakingly put a shot of espresso in it (which happened TWO times last year). But at the same time (and the reason I can safely call it an addiction) I know that if I drink a cup of coffee it's like starting a snow ball rolling down a hill and I'll want another and another and another. Maybe I can shoot for a cup a week or something like that... wishful thinking.

Additional justification: Summer or shall I say spring is coming and I don't need warm comfy beverages anymore. I still have tea which is WAY way way cheaper than coffee. I really don't need the caffeine. It's just not good for me (and decaf isn't as tasty). And thus I present yet another plan to save money, pay off the debt, and maybe get a bit more food in this house (as I won't be wasting money on dark brown caffeinated beans).

I spent $14.05 today. I've stopped hoping to come in under budget this week and now I'm shooting for being on  budget. Currently I'm 42 cents over budget for the week.  

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