Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Marathon

I thought I was doing horribly with the $12 a day budget this week. I spent about half of this weeks budget on Sunday. I haven't paid attention to things since then. I know my husband has gone out to eat a few times this week. Yesterday despite leaving my wallet at home, listening to a grumbly tummy all day, and not spending any money I was having one of those rebellious, "I'm just not going to face the music (I think that's the term)" moments. So I just didn't balance check book last night.

I went over the finances this morning and It's really not that bad. I have an average of $7 a day left in the budget for this week. It's a matter of will power and determination but I can handle that... I've done it before, I know I can.

Apparently long distance runners have this point in the run where they feel like they just can't go any further but if they push through and make it past that stopping point then they can actually go a lot further without that intense desire to stop NOW! I feel like I'm at that point right now. I've been training for this race for a long time. We stopped using the credit cards a few years ago (I think it's been that long). Last year I stopped purchasing STUFF (especially clearance items that just had to come home with me). The first three months of this year I tackled 1 credit card balance, learned how to pay bills without going into overdraft, and started sticking to a tight ($12 a day) budget for spending.

I need to do this thing. I need to run the entire race. Getting a good start, making it a little way down the path and then quiting when it seems to difficult to go on is not an option. Going on is not an easy thing but quiting is not an option. I can't pay these interest payments for the rest of my life. I'm throwing money into the wind. I can't just keep carrying this debt on my back. It's too heavy to handle. I can't just keep having it, "your way right away." That's not a responsible way to live life.

I'm running a race folks. It's not a slow jog. This debt has to go sooner than later. I've $7 a day left for the rest of this week. I CAN DO IT!!!

(Wow, these pep talks are becoming a pretty frequent thing)


  1. Yes, we call it hitting the wall. Once you break through it, ah... Runner's high! But also when running long distances you need to pace yourself. Keep on keeping on! Pep talks are great and not only needed by you! ;) YOU CAN DO IT!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!

  2. We're all cheering for you!! Keep going!!

  3. Good job on the jog/run! Its seems like you have made great progress and its only getting's a matter of routine and setting your lifestyle around this new way of living! I am also so happy because I am doing 'financial spring cleaning' and finally got to clean up my bills and looked up car insurance information and was able to get a cheaper quote, bringing my monthly payments down by $50 YAYYY! So keep going, we are all in the same race ;)