Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rolling that Snowball

I checked the bank account first thing this morning to see how much my husband's check was this week. I knew he'd worked a little overtime but with union dues and health insurance costs I'm never able to figure out how much one of his checks will be with overtime. His check was almost $100 more than usual. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when that happens. I could have easily put that money towards groceries or home repairs or birthday presents... oh the list goes on and on. My husband could spend that $100 in a heartbeat. Instantly as soon as I saw the surplus I put it towards the Chase card. $95 extra dollars has been paid to that stupid thing. Hooray!!!

I was hoping and planning to pay that card off by the end of May. I'm cheating a little bit because I did a zero percent $1000 balance transfer from that card. There's only $410 left on it now so I should have it paid off and closed before the end of May just like I was hoping. (technically however I'm about $900 off on that payoff) I can't wait. That'll be two cards paid off so far this year  : )

Today I spent $14.31. I've $22.19 left in the budget for this week in order to balance April. Oh I'm so close...


  1. Love it when those extra $$ show up! Good for you for sending it straight to Chase. I know I can't wait to get rid of them either.