Monday, April 4, 2011


March was pretty awful financially. Looking back it almost seems as though I forgot I was trying to pinch those pennies and pay off our debt. January and February went pretty well but I just ended March $144.13 over budget. That's ALOT of money. I wasn't able to put as much towards the credit cards as I'd planned and I will not be able to pay the Chase card off by May unless I come into a load of money somehow. On a $12 a day budget which is clearly very difficult for me to stick to I'm not sure I'll be able to make up the $144.13 overage.

On the up side our debt is decreasing. Our interest payments are considerably lower. I am (slowly) learning restraint when it comes to buying food. I haven't used the overdraft account in two months. (I had been using it almost every week as my own personal cash advance system prior to this blog) Thing are slowly improving but I'm not happy with how March turned out and at present I can only wish I'd been more disciplined and done better sticking to the budget. I suppose I'll try and use March's disappointment as an encouragement to try harder and do better.

I want this debt GONE!

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