Friday, April 8, 2011

Federal Government Crisis and Manicures

I should probably be getting ready for work but I can't stop thinking about "The Budget." The government should have written a budget back in October. Apparently that wasn't important. The federal government has spent more money in the past two years than all the spending combined between the presidencies of George Washington and Ronald Regan. Of course there's inflation to consider but seriously the money hasn't inflated that much. The simple truth is that us "little folks" at least a lot of us have bitten the bullet and realized that ridiculous overspending isn't sustainable. As individuals we're growing up and doing the responsible thing. Now we're asking that our country do the same. There comes a point when too many dollars going out and not enough coming in crashes the system. My mom lost her house. My brother is currently losing his house. I've a friend who had all of her utilities shut off for at least a week with no food in the house and a husband and two kids to feed. MONEY IS REAL!!! If you don't have it you can't spend it!

I'm sick of the sides. I'm sick of the arguing and bullying and name calling. The projected figures say that if we keep spending the way we're spending the government of this country will not only "shut down" but it will implode, cease to exist, get foreclosed on just like so many of us have harshly experienced in our own lives by the year 2037. Something has to be done and all we're asking is that you write a balanced budget and reign in some of the reckless spending.

The current proposed budget makes alot of cuts and there are a ton of people who aren't happy about them. Crazy things are being said like, "old people are going to die and have to eat cat food." The truth is that's not the case at all. The truth is that some people in the government just don't want to cut spending anywhere on anything for any reason. Some people would like to keep ignoring the budget and keep enjoying their spending spree and I'm pretty sure those same people are planning on dieing before 2037 comes around.

I heard someone on the left make an analogy that when money gets tight you look for reasonable things to cut. "You don't just stop paying the mortgage you cut out things like manicures" and new hand bags. I'm SOOOO angry at that statement because the reason the financial crisis in this country is so bad is the simple fact that alot of the people running the country think manicures and hand bags are essential parts of the weekly budget. I'm sorry but when there's a financial crisis and I speak from experience here you can't just cut out those little dumb things you also turn off the cable and buy cheaper food (not as appealing food), stop buying clothes and shoes, you don't drive as much and you stop going out; you have to pinch every penny. You have to change your lifestyle. You might want Starbucks but you have to stop buying it. You have to bite the bullet and grow up and realize where you went wrong. Cutting manicures and handbags out of the budget is not going to get the job done and if that's all you cut then in no time at all you're not going to be able to pay the mortgage.

I propose we bring Dave Ramsey into the white house. He can oversee a "budget meeting." The Republicans can write the budget (because the democrats neglected to do so for far too long). The Democrats can change "some" of the things in the budget that they don't like. Then we can call it good, keep everything running, and have emergency budget meetings when people feel like they're going to die if they don't get a manicure right now. Stop arguing and name calling and playing games people. Grow up and do the job we're paying you (A TON OF MONEY) to do! Please!

Ok, I'm off to work now.


  1. I agree too! It's just ridiclous what our government deems reasonable debt. We're boiling to death like the proverbial frog in the pan and no one seems to notice as they're too busy fighting with each other.
    Congratulations on getting your debt under control. You'll never regret it!
    Michelle H.