Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday and the Painful little Pinky Incident

I would have done amazingly well with spending today if I hadn't sliced the top crease (whatever you call that bendy part) of my pinky finger this morning with a box cutter. In an attempt to not go to the hospital for stitches (I've never had stitches before but it was a pretty scary looking slice) I bought some liquid bandage. The bandaides just weren't doing the job. I'd never used liquid bandage before. It was a desperate $4.23 attempt. It didn't work. I think it's just for paper cuts. I ended up just wrapping a bandaid oddly around my finger with my finger curled up tight all day long. So far so good... no stitches, the blood flow has stopped, my finger no longer hurts and it's not purple or anything. That's my lovely story for today.

I spent $5.73 today. I did turn in an empty coffee bag to Starbucks and got a free tall brew. That was nice. I am $6.40 under budget so far this week. I'm pretty happy with that... still shooting for the $11.91 under budget mark for the week so I can make up some of that CRAZY reckless March spending. Boo to March!!! I haven't picked up fertilizer for the yard yet but my husband hasn't asked for three or so days so I think I'm off the hook for a little bit yet.

Oh I did put $15 in the emergency fund. It's not much but $15 looks better on my side bar for that goal than the $0 did.

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