Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Debt Quote Tuesday and Putting on My Big Girl Pants

Somebody put on her big girl pants today and then she put her foot down!

Oh yeah, it was me  : )

There's $10 in the bank account. There's $13 in the husbands wallet. We get paid in 2 days. 4 days ago I gave my husband cash and asked him to please not use the debit card this week. He's used the cash and the debit card every day even though I've reminded him everyday to please not use the card.

This morning I told him that there's only $10 in the bank and "you CANNOT use the debit card today or tomorrow." He whined about only having $13 left and then said, "well, now I'm not going to be able to hang out with my friend." I suggested they do something for free, like play video games at our house (a favorite past time of theirs). Apparently he already had big lunch plans and the $13 just wouldn't cut it. I just reiterated, "sorry honey, you can't use the bank card today."

I walked out of the room leaving my sulking husband behind and I almost ALMOST turned around to offer him the $10 in the bank for his lunch plans. I don't need it. I already purchased enough food for the next few days and I've stuck to the budget quite well this week. But I held myself back because he doesn't need the $10 either. It's technically already in the budget since I earmark every penny and he's already spent considerably more than I'd alloted this week. It's really hard to deny him what he wants but I stood firm this time. $13 for two days is plenty of money. He'll be fine and I feel like I grew up a tiny bit today.

"It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins."
-Benjamin Franklin

I can honestly say that for years I was completely ignorant as to the consequences that my foolish acts of spending so lavishly and so selfishly for so long would someday bring. I mean, "everyone uses credit!" I lived in the region of ignorance for far too long and am now quite defenselessly living under the tyrannical rule of my debtors. Despite the current toil and misery, this I can proudly say, "I am escaping the region of ignorance that so delightfully ensnares those who frolic within it's grasp. I am moving towards freedom, liberty, and the beautiful light at the end of this dark tunnel."


  1. Good for you for standing your ground! Your DH needs to feel some of the pain of debt repayment, too, even if only in the form of one missed lunch. It won't scar him for life and it did a lot for you psychologically. Proud of you!


  2. This comment is missing the party, but give each of you an allowance, say $20 or $10, you keep the credit card and let him decide how he spends his money. You grew up. He has to grow up.