Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Wasting Time Online

Weird little updates because I just read through January of this blog:

1.) I solved my paper towel problem (I HATE spending money on paper towel). I've been using socks that are no longer wearable as rags around the house. I always used paper towel to clean the really gross messes, like the toilet or the really muddy kitchen floor, or cat puke. I couldn't justify using the same cloth I clean the kitchen counter with to clean the toilet but now I've got holey socks to take care of the gross messes.

2.) I've come really REALLY far with my unnecessary beverage spending. I've basically stopped buying coffee away from home. I've developed a bad habit of buying my favorite coffee on Fridays from a coffee shop near my first Friday store. I just keep telling myself that it's a reward for not buying coffee all week. BUT I'm not buying coffee all week, YAY! Reading through January I'm reminded how much I was struggling with that (pretty much all year). I haven't been buying pop at all. $1.59 for 20oz. of soda that I in no way shape or form need is just stupid. I've finally kicked that habit.

3.) It might take me all year to conquer goal number one of spending $10 on food and $2 on stuff but I am learning and growing at getting better at this.

Then I realized a $1.49 that I don't have; a $1.49 that's not in my budget is a $1.49 that I'm essentially borrowing from one of my creditors (even though we stopped using charge cards over a year ago). Do I really want to owe Discover card or Chase $1.49 (plus interest) for any longer than I have to? Is a pop today, and maybe tomorrow, and maybe a few days from then (which adds up to WAY more than $1.49) worth the burden? -me

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