Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There's still $10 in the bank account (we get paid tomorrow). I am still on budget with this weeks $12 a day.

I feel the need to report that these past two days while we've had only $10 in the bank I haven't had one inkling of worry. This is the first time EVER that I've been able to go through a few days of knowing that there was no money in the bank and remain worry free. May I just say it again, "I LOVE this balancing the checkbook thing!!!" Not having to freak out about going into overdraft and getting that darn fee, not having to worry about how much money the husband might blow despite no money actually being in the account (because I put my foot down this time and gave it to him straight), not having that heavy cloud of worry floating over my head for a few days thinking about what might come up and how we'd pay for it; this week has been awesome!!!

Totally off subject, I've now spent over $1000 on gas this year. I've spent over $50 a week on gasoline. That is crappy! (I drive a small car that's pretty fuel efficient but I drive alot for work... blah)

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  1. It's great when we finally pay attention, it just takes men longer.