Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let's go on Vacation!!!

I was looking at Travelzoo's top 20 getaways this morning and thinking to myself how easy it would be to charge a vacation. We've certainly got the credit. My husband and I could go on a Royal Caribbean cruise for only $658. We could easily fit that on one card and have it paid off in three months. There's an Orlando sweet for only $199 for an entire week. It'd only be a little bit more to go to the Disney parks (I've never gone before). There's an all inclusive Bahama's getaway for $600 total. That'd be quite a vacation and it's all inclusive. I'm exauhsted. I need a break, a getaway, let's do it! It's so easy.

Funny thing: I actually used to think like that. Now I look at the above paragraph and it's absolute and total sarcasm. I would NEVER put that much money on a credit card even for a vacation (which to me is the most valuable thing you could spend money on). I wouldn't even consider it. Charging a vacation isn't easy. I've paid $1151 in credit card INTEREST this year. I could go on two paid in full vacations with that amount of money that I just threw to the wind due to lack of patience, will power, and maturity. I am not thankful for the interest payments I've made thus far this year (I am thankful they're going down). I am not thankful that I had to learn the hardway. I am not thankful for this horrendously difficult journey to freedom that I am now embarking upon but I am thankful, very very very thankful that my mindset is changing; that it is no longer ok to "simply" charge what I want right now and pay it back later. I am thankful that despite this week's overage in the budget and my constant whining about wanting to pig out on expensive food I really am growing up.

So the rundown: I'm $19.07 over budget this week. At present I'm not even going to think about that fact. This week was really emotionally difficult for me (not because of finances) and I had several moments where I bought something way unnecessary like a frappacinno and chocolate covered pretzels despite my brain screaming, "no, no, NOOO do not do it!!!" It was almost as if I'd lost control over my body. I just had to have that coffee and pretzels and other no need to make a list nonsense and now I'm $19.07 over budget but it is what it is and I'm ready for a new week and I am NOT going on vacation anytime soon  : )

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