Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 21 of this Grand Adventure

I started this year out with TEN credit cards that had balances on them (that's counting the overdraft account which is technically a credit card with my bank). Wow, that's crazy. I've paid over $1800 dollars in CC debt in the past 20 weeks and over $1300 in interest payments. I paid off THREE of the ten cards so far. I've consolidated two of the CCs onto one of the others for a 0% interest rate. We now have FIVE CCs with balances on them. So, re-cap I've cut the amount of the credit cards we owe on in half and I've paid almost $2000 off. I like the sound of that.

I've almost $800 slated for CC payoff this month HOWEVER I'm pretty sure the washing machine is totally out of commission. I'm anything but happy about this new development. We're going to wait a bit before we rush out and buy a new one but it looks like my CC payoff this month is going to be MUCH smaller then what I've budgeted : (  Our washing machine actually died last year too and someone gave us their old one for FREE. It was great while it lasted but it was also pretty old.

This weeks goals:
Throw another snowflake at the citibank credit card.
Balance this month's budget!!!
Start reading that book.
Be happy and get outside LOTS.


  1. $800 is a fantastic effort! Way to go!!

    It sucks when a major appliances dies. We were so lucky when our washing machine died my electrcian uncle was visiting and was able to fix it.

    Could you use a laundromat until you save up for a new machine?

  2. Refurb laundry machines - pretty awesome. We got a washer and dryer for $75 and they lasted us for three years until we moved, when we sold them for $125. Call all appliance stores and ask if they can cut you a deal!

  3. Good job on the debt! Check the good will and appliance repair men. They will usually know or have a couple of spares that they just took out of someones place that still work. Doesn't hurt to call and you might get them to deliver for about $50.00 bucks.

  4. on the plus side, you should be able to pay for the new washing machine in cash (the $800 earmarked for cc payments) rather than adding to the current credit card balance!