Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 20 Comes to a Close

I'm $2.37 over budget.

I did end up purchasing a $2.99 coffee brewer because the coffee maker took a dive this week. It's a pretty cool little gadget. You just place it on top of the mug, put the filter and grounds in, and pour in the hot water. It's the most basic way I've ever seen to make coffee and the $2.99 sure beat buying a new coffee maker. I'm gonna blame the overage on that $2.99 little guy though.

The New Little Coffee Gadget
Additionally my husband and I started to work out regularly again and I've noticed that the exercise as soon as I get home from work plus making dinner as soon as I get done exercising is really wearing on me. We ate out WAY too much this week but I have NO energy or motivation to make dinner after working all day then working out. This could be a problem OR I'm going to have to figure out how to make dinner ahead of time... I don't know. Seriously does life ever get easier?

Ok, some good news. I'm not sure what happened but I've been noticing that my husband's debits for food at work have been getting smaller. He was spending $3, $5, sometimes upwards of that on EACH break everyday. I don't even want to know what he was eating. The past two weeks at least he's been keeping it under $3 a break and he's been having at least one break a day under $1. This is a huge savings. I think he actually started listening to me. I really don't hound him about money. He knows he spends too much. He knows that I want/ NEED him to spend less but I can't yell at him everyday. That'd be nonsense. I do however constantly (ok pretty much always) deny myself stuff that I want and I think he's starting to finally notice. He'll say something like, "why don't you just get that?" Of course my response is always, "honey we cannot afford it and you know how hard I'm trying to pay off those dang credit cards." I think I've uttered the above statement so many times now, coupled with other similar repetitive remarks that something maybe finally clicked in there.

It's only a tiny little bit of progress. He still thinks it's ok to spend obscene amounts of money on food on his days off. He still buys stuff (Cd's, video games, movie rentals even though we have netflix) that I would NEVER buy because they're luxuries that we can't afford BUT progress is progress and I'm proud of him for this one step. Hooray!!!

And I close week 20 a bit over, haven't picked up a book yet (even though I'm GOING to read one this month... I've totally neglected reading thus far this year), a little healthier, SOOO happy that spring is finally here, loving the lilacs in the back yard, and ready to vanquish Citibank (you're going DOWN!).

I'm going to try and work out everyday and not eat out at all this week. Maybe y'all could say a prayer for me?


  1. I really like having frozen meals in my freezer. Sometimes when I buy groceries I will just start cooking and freezing. I do have a weekly meal plan so I know what I am going to make. Sometimes just having the taco meat all made makes it so much easier to warm it and get the other fixings out.
    Frozen meals are nice because you could make a few meals out of one recipe and save money in the long run by having food all set to go.
    And sometimes cereal is good enough for dinner :)

  2. If you knew what kind of snacks he bought on his break, maybe you could buy them cheaper at the grocery store or warehouse store and bag them up for him for a week or two? Pretzels and sodas are SOOOOO much cheaper when you buy them at the store and take them with you!

  3. I am SO with you on this one - husband not 100% on board yet I don't feel that I can hassle him about it too often. He gets kinda crabby after a while. The thing is we had a lifestyle where we pretty much bought what we wanted (as far as food, treats etc went) and although I've found it really easy to just...well, stop spending really, he hasn't. He feels deprived I suppose but I get a bit fed up with being the only one who sees 'the bigger picture'. It's a tough one but, like somebody commented on my blog, I'm not his mother so I should stop taking responsibility for him. Easy to say!

    K xx