Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Goal Numero Cinco

This one's REALLY aiming high. I mean the cash envelope thing is a huge disciplinary stretch for me but this one is going to break bones. Daily Goal Number 5: Don't eat out (one day a week exception).

We eat out ALOT. Making dinner takes a lot of time and effort and I'm really tired most of the time when I get home from work. Buying groceries, planning meals, cooking, cleaning up after; food is a chore! I don't like chores. But eating out is divine. For the budgets sake we must refrain, we must attempt, we must take that next needed step and cook. Ugh. These 45 goals are going to bust my butt.

45 Daily Goals for 2012
1. Balance the checkbook everyday
2. Get rid of something useless everyday
3. Throw some change in the Christmas jar everyday
4. Cash envelope it!
5. Cook everyday/ Don't eat out (one weekly allowance)


  1. Have you tried meal planning? I do it monthly and shop according to what we're eating that week. I can't remember how I lived before we did this!

  2. I am loving the goal climbing ladder. Very impressive, love reading your challenges to youself. XXX