Saturday, November 19, 2011


We (will) owe UNDER $20,000 in credit card debt (as of December 31st).  After next months payments I've estimated this years credit card payoff at $4584. That's only $524 short of doubling what we paid off in 2010. If there were 13 months in a year I'd totally have hit that mark. I'm only $271 short of a 20% payoff this year. 18.88% in ONE year, "way to go ME!(and hubby)"

We now owe less than $10,000 on the car. I know, I never talk about the car but I had to mention the milestone. Ok, that's a bit lame because we've had the car for two years and we hadn't wanted to even spend $10,000 in the first place (thank-you clever car sales guy and hubby and I's weak wills) BUT but but I'm happy to be under $10,000 on it. And it's a really great car. After 15 years of driving ALOT (over 1500 miles a month) and owning 5 different cars this one is BY FAR the best car I've ever had AND we owe less than $10,000 on it. Hooray!

We almost paid off $10,000 in total debt this year; house, equity line, car, credit cards. This just makes me smile. And then it makes me day dream a little about a day when there won't be any debt and we'll have $10,000 PLUS all the interest payments that were just flushed down the toilet a.k.a stuffed into a rich mans pockets to do whatever we darn well please with. Ahh, freedom.

Milestone number 4: after 9.25 years of marriage and over a decade of hoping to someday be a mommy I'm entering the third trimester of this pregnancy with a large round tummy and an active little boy reminding me regularly that very soon we'll be parents; very soon we'll have a son.


  1. Awesome all around! I know you've worked really hard {I've been reading along}! You really should be proud!

    I'm so excited for you to have that little baby boy too! Life becomes that much more special when you have kids... you are going to have the time of your life!

  2. Well done! Another five years like that and you'll be free forever! :)

  3. $10,000 off debt is fantastic! well done!

  4. All your efforts have been paying off. At all sides. You're working so hard to get out of debt. And you are succeeding. And I know you'll be a great mommy.