Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pondering the New Year

I came in $15.36 over budget again this past week. Since the weathers cooled down I've been struggling with my coffee love affair again (mostly decaf for the little guy). It's not good for the budget. According to my calculations I've been spending an average of $14.30 a day since August (just to clarify that's total... it kinda sounds like I've been spending that much on coffee, no). $14.30 a day really doesn't sound that bad to me BUT it adds up QUICKLY!

Lately I've been brainstorming new methods, new goals, new ideas to start out next year fists held high again. All throughout my brainstorming though I'm thinking to myself why do I need a 2012 at the end of the date in order to go at it full force? I could be sticking to the $12 a day budget RIGHT NOW. I could be saying no to the occasional expensive coffee RIGHT NOW. I could be diligently balancing the checkbook and drawing up quick weekly budgets EVERY week for the husband RIGHT NOW.

I am so undisciplined. I'm certain that it takes time to become disciplined and I know that I've come a long way. In 2010 I learned how to stop buying stuff, unnecessary, pick up on a whim, who really needs it stuff. I learned how to start appreciating more the world around me, it's beauty and all it has to offer (free of charge). In 2011 I really took a microscope to our spending, watched every penny, and learned how to be MUCH more frugal. In fact Ramon Noodles became a dear tasty friend of mine. Our credit card debt payoff doubled this year from last (and that with a horrible economy, pretty bad inflation, weakening of the dollar, and no raises at work). Maybe I have failed the original mission: stick to $12 a day, but I am victorious.

In 2012 I'd like to step it up another notch. I'd like to really stick to the $12 a day budget. I'd like to start saving some, pay off tons more credit card debt, and get more frugal. Maybe the hubby and I can actually sell some of the valuables that are sitting around this house collecting dust. Maybe I can plan a little better, make more gifts, and do a little thrift shopping (I HATE thrift shopping). I will win this war!

Right now I really just need to make it out of Christmas (and 2011) alive AND with a smile on my face. I need to take the very best care of this baby boy that I possibly can and I need to focus, focus, FOCUS on sticking to the budget whatever it takes. Ideally I'd like to end this week less than $15.36 over budget. It's shooting low, yes, but it's something to shoot for.

So far I've 5 thanksgiving thank-you's DONE. That's more then I sent out last year : )

Today's lovely is from Thursday: I was leaving work and I noticed a man who'd just finished buying his groceries setting a few pennies on the base of "Sally" the electronic pony ride at the front of the store. In all the time I've been shopping and working at the stores (just about 8 years working, decades shopping) I do not recall ever seeing anyone set aside pennies on the pony. It may be a very common occurrence but none the less one I've never noticed before. It was truly lovely. He was kinda woodsy looking, scruffy, flannel jacket, tall, late 50's; he just set those few pennies on the pony and walked away. I'm sure several very happy children who's parents pay completely electronically for everything have been extremely blessed by those pennies. You can't swipe a card at the penny pony. I gave up pony rides years ago but seeing those few little pennies lying there sure made my day.

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  1. You are so focussed and you have my total admiration! You might find you spend less when the baby arrives because you go out less. What you say is true - don't wait until 2012 to start doing the things you've planned - there's no time like the present plus you get a month and a half head start!

    K xx