Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not the Most Uplifting Blog

Just checkin in.

Everything's sort of piling up and its making life heavy. Christmas is rapidly approaching. On one hand I'm excited for it. I love the lights, the music, the snow, the entire season of it really. There's just a whole different atmosphere surrounding Christmas and it makes for a great end to the year. However money is getting tighter everyday and at present there's NO money for Christmas. Knowing that I'm going to have to find/ pull some money from somewhere and that the season is just getting closer everyday is wearing.

The year is coming to a close and there are things I'd like to have accomplished: paying off the smallest card, having a certain amount in the savings fund for maternity leave, having reached a 20% credit card payoff. I'm not nearly where I'd like to be with any of those things. It's from stupid extra spending like when I'm bum tired after a 10 hour day and we go out for pizza. Or when the husband's work shoes suddenly fall apart. They literally fell apart. Or when someone was pretty sure they got a promotion and spent a bit more money on video games then they should have and then ended up not getting the promotion. (Seriously, I'm glad he's got the video games to take his mind off it though).

I haven't paid the car payment from last month yet and it's driving me crazy. Sometimes the money just isn't in the account when you need it you know.

I've also been gaining weight a bit faster than I should be with this little guy I'm growing. (yeah, everyone wants to hear about that huh) It's certainly not a huge deal but it's on my mind. I don't think my feet, knees, ankles... I don't think my body would be very happy with me if I gained 60 pounds before the little man arrives. I've been watching what I eat very closely and I'm realizing that I've been eating ALOT. (I do love food, and I'm pretty sure this child does too) Ugh, the many many humdrum's of life. Funny when life is heavy I can't stand the weight of it and all I want to do is sleep and eat and not pay attention to responsible things like, "how much money am I spending." I say it's funny because the very things that are weighing on me right now are the things I tend to fall back on when I'm stressed. Viscous cycle.

This year will come to a close. Christmas will come and go. I'm just going to have to try my hardest to focus on the accomplishments and not the missed goals. I can not let all the balls fall, not now, not just before the year closes. November is going to be a good month by golly!

HEY, hey... I have written AND mailed 2 of this months 30 Thanksgiving thank-you notes. Hooray for a little accomplishment there!


  1. Realize that part of what you are feeling is due to hormones. Not that your feelings aren't real....just that they are accentuated a bit.

    I hear ya on missed goals....that is the story of my life. I am in the process of having to rethink things and come up with a new approach. It is ok to rethink things!!

    When are you due again??

  2. I took the last couples of days to read your story. It is amazing. You're doing such a good job of owning your life. And paying off your debt. Not like loads of others. And it may be really hard and difficult, but you ARE doing it!
    I'm just starting the whole ride of owning a home and I know I have to keep close tabs on what I spend. Thanks to your blogs and a few others, I know a load of the big hurdles and traps. Thanks to you I wont get a large debt.
    You dont only pay off your debt, but by doing this 'online' you're helping me and most likely others like me, not to go there.

  3. Hi, I've only been reading here a few days, well done you. You have done amazingly in a short amount of time, so don't give up now or lose heart. The best thing to do is plan a fun frugal christmas, then do one thing a week towards it. Buy one extra item when grocery shopping to either help you bake presents or treats. Look out for sale items for gifts and also in thrift shops... some items they sell are brand new... Christmas dosn't have to cost you your aim of paying off your debts...people who don't understand don't worry about. You are doing the right thing. Just make a list of what you'd like to make christmas special and take a slow plod towards it. The same with your precious bundle you are carrying... make a list, and take one item at a time... the littlie won't care if everything isn't new just that they are loved.

    Shelley p
    from over the pond

  4. You're doing pretty good and yes, it is a vicious cycle. Keep plugging along and you'll see the bright side soon!

  5. I know that part of this is natural hormonal changes. Buy hubby shoes, pay car payment. Make a special dinner for Christmas and both of you pat your tummy. That is all you need. Everyone else will understand. You are doing a great job, I am always amazed by you $12 a day idea.