Monday, November 14, 2011

This and That

I'm in a pretty good mood today. I only spent $2.35. I'm about to make a cheap yummy dinner (and we have pumpkin pie for dessert). I'm most likely meeting with a friend tonite about a baby shower, yay! I've 7 of my Thanksgiving thank-yous done. Technically I'm 7 behind if I were writing one a day as originally planned but honestly I'm just happy to have written the ones I already have and to have sent them out. You know it makes one feel really good to express thanks. It's a very uplifting little gesture. I also have balanced the checkbook the past two days in row. (Out my window I noticed that you said you hate balancing the checkbooks, plural with an S. Oh my goodness I'd fail miserably if I had more than one.) Accomplishing little tasks like that make me feel so much more at peace. I'm kind of excited about the 45. Responsibility really is a good thing!

I am quite a bit over the budget so far this week. I've been buying holiday baking items that are on sale a little bit at a time but it's still putting me ahead a bit. So a far I've got the crispy onions to top the green bean casserole. I stocked up on Chocolate chips and a bag of butterscotch chips for Christmas baking (I just have to not eat them). I got a bunch a peanut butter for baking when I heard the price was going up. I bought a bag of pecans that should get me through the holidays and they were VERY on sale. (not sure why anyone would care about any of this... oh well) Still gonna try and make it closer to the budget than I did last week. 

The goal I'm adding to the list today is to get rid of one thing every day. Our house is FULL of stuff. I think I've said it before but we bought my husband's grandparents house and it came with all the stuff that no one in the family wanted (including closets full of clothes, and attic spaces full of junk). Also, when my husband's father passed away we inherited all of his belongings. He was a collector so we've got quite the collection of things. I could easily get rid of one thing a day, it's just a matter of doing it. I hate throwing things away but before I start dinner I'm going to find one thing is this palace that's truly junk and then I'm going to toss it. It's one thing to think and dream about a nice clean home, it's another thing to start making it happen. Here's to goal #2.

Hope everyone's week has gotten off to a terrific start. Yay for Monday basically being over!

45 Daily Goals for 2012
1. Balance the checkbook everyday
2. Get rid of something useless everyday


  1. A great second goal too! I might have to join you in that one.

  2. oh no, Out My window you're starting to sound like me.

  3. getting rid of stuff feels great, and doing it one thing a day is a good way to do it