Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been spending a bit over budget every week. Yesterday I noticed that there were only a few dollars left in the bank account. We get paid tomorrow. Grr. Last night while the husband was away I went to cleaning just as I'd planned. I accomplished a nice thorough deep cleaning of our bedroom; swept the floors, changed the bedding, adiosed the laundry (and washed some of it too), got rid of a ton of clutter, dusted AND tracked down all the dust bunnies lurking in dark corners and crevices. Dust bunny hunting is actually quite enjoyable for me. Although I keep track of every penny like they're my children my husband neglects his loose change. I found around $3 last night while cleaning. I managed to make it through the whole day without spending all the loose change I found last night. We're eating eggs for dinner again tonite (a really really cost effective dinner) but I'm quite proud of myself for hardly spending anything today and not having to use the bank card at all. Double score: the bedroom is clean and cozy AND I hardly spent anything today. Oh, and I got two more thanksgiving notes done today. Oh yeah!

A little sidenote: before I started cleaning last night I wanted more than anything I could think of to make some sugar cookies. I enjoy baking and even more so I enjoy scarfing down sugary treats. I thought despite it putting me WAY over my calorie count for the day I might make the cookies sometime before my husband got home but after I'd cleaned a bit. Turns out the chores were quite a workout and I exhausted myself to the point of having no energy for baking left over. By the time I'd finished every little task I'd set to doing I was no longer craving the cookies either. Again, double score.

Maybe I can't make my credit card debt disappear over night but the little accomplishments sure do help the journey along.


  1. We need to dedicate a day to cleaning in my house badly! And sugar cookies sound great.

  2. Well done - hope you didn't exhaust yourself doing all that! I think that's what they call the 'nesting instinct' during pregnancy. Just don't go overboard! Oh, and it's usually my kids' rooms where I find all the loose change - all the smaller amounts (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, sometimes even 20p) are too puny for them to bother with! Certainly changed since my youth ha ha!

    K xx

  3. it feels so good to have a big cleanup. I collect the loose change too - every little bit helps!