Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Holidaze

 The holidays are here. The lights are going up. The trees are going up. The snow is close at hand. The Christmas music is almost in full swing in all the stores. The shopping... well the shopping is downright outta hand. I'm getting so frustrated with the overall atmosphere of "want," "need," "gotta have it." Each week I work at 10 different supermarkets. People are literally walking around the stores with their eyes bugging out of their heads trying to find something "on sale" that they or someone else MIGHT "need." I've caught the bug a few times. Yesterday I walked past a display of food storage sets. Oh how they glowed. I thought, "ooh, I might need one of those." After all they're so much nicer than the food storage I currently have (even though I've never had an issue storing food before).

It's happened a few times. It seems as though all of us are keyed up, we're on the hunt, on the look out for a good bargain and a neat gadget that we MIGHT just NEED. All of the sudden we all need, and think everyone we care about needs everything imaginable. It's driving me crazy. I know that I don't need anything. I'm trying to get rid of stuff because our house is so cluttered. I'm pretty sure the majority of folks I know don't need anything either but we're all in a consumer crazy zoned out frenzy. It's a tad bit scary. Are we really buying for people because we want to bless them with that warm fuzzy feeling on Christmas morning when they open that perfect gift or are we buying for people because that's just what you're supposed to do?

Christmas this year needs to be about family, congregation, celebration, enjoying all of the little itty bitty things that the season has to offer AND about the birth of Jesus. That should about do it. Big flat screen TV's, Ipads, Gaming systems, Toys, Clothes, Kitchen gadgets, Hobby accessories, ALL that other STUFF... let's prioritize here folks, please?!?! It feels like a disease and it's gotten under my skin a few times. I just can't stand it this year.

I NEED to get out of debt! That's it. Maybe I should take some extra vitamin C to ward off this nasty holiday bug! (it's really super contagious)


  1. I know what you mean, maybe we NEED shots against it!! I walked past some people in town the other day talking about how they've already got so-and-so this thing, so they still need to spend another £xx! WHAAT?! Not even thinking about what they might like, just how much they still need to spend to show affection!

    I hate it, hate it hate it! I've been swept up in it in the past and this year I'm making all my own presents. People are liking it or lumping it! :)

  2. I completely agree with you. And, I've certainly gotten caught up myself. Luckily, I've gotten better with age, but this is the first year I really have kept things under control. I'm meeting a friend for a private shopping event tomorrow (drinks & appetizers at a local store) as part of her birthday, & have a couple of items on my list that will close out my holiday shopping. As long as I keep it to that, all will be well. :-)