Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forty Five Goals Friday (er, Saturday)

Several of you have asked for the recipe for the cheesecake. I'd love to type it all out for you but it's rather involved. Here's the link for the recipe that I use and LOVE: Betty Crocker Pumpkin Cheesecake 
The Pumpkin Cheesecake was a success (and is almost gone). Yum!
I was going to do a little "45 Goals" update yesterday. Now that I'm instituting the 45 I thought, "Hey, Forty Five Friday sounds like a good idea." But I didn't get around to it yesterday so I'll have to settle for 45 Saturday this week instead.

1. I have been balancing the checkbook everyday since I started this one. It's been great for the spending, the budget, and my peace of mind.

2. I've tossed more than one thing per day since starting goal two. They've all been silly things so far like expired food and expired bathroom supplies. None the less it's already a bit cleaner around here and I'm glad that those items that have been sitting around the house untouched for YEARS are finally gone. 

3. Some days it's a dime, some days it's a dollar but I've tossed money in the Christmas jar just about every day since starting this goal. The trouble I'm running into is that a lot of days I just don't have any change available to dedicate to the jar. I try and put a little extra in the next day but that kind of goes against the goal. I'm going to have to work on figuring out the best way to accomplish this one. 

4. "Only spend cash from the envelope" is still REALLY hard for me BUT I'm instituting the 45 goals 45 days before the new year so that I can get used to them and baby step my way into them. I'll keep working on this one. The past few days I have accomplished this goal. So that's good.

5. The first two days after I laid out the cook at home goal I'm pretty sure we ate out. I don't think we've eaten out since then though. I've been making meals every day as planned. (It's so much cheaper to eat at home)

6. I believe that it's been 7 days since I decided that I needed to make stretching a daily goal. I'm pretty sure I accomplished the task 3 times so far. You'd think that this was the easiest one of all the goals thus far and yet I've done the worst on it. Good habits can be quite hard to form.

7. I have written down every purchase so far and I'm loving it. Today I needed to go to the store for milk and for some reason, even though we don't need any food right now I was thinking of all the other yummy things I could pick up while there. I'm certain if I didn't have to write them down on the list when I'd gotten home I'd have bought stuff other than milk. This is a great goal!

8. I have not bought any coffee.

9. I have ended up just as I'd anticipated thanking my husband for random things in the evening because I didn't think to thank someone else during the day but I like this goal and so far so good.

10. I don't have very much money left this week for spending so I think I'll be starting the "set aside $2 a day for future purchases" next week. But we'll see. I might be able to pull this one off yet.

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  1. I need to do the envelope system also. We would probably save so much money, but it seems hard.