Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waste Not

Goal 15: Do NOT throw out food.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to start this goal once my refrigerator is completely cleaned out. However this is something that I REALLY look forward to focusing on. I HATE throwing out food. It might be weird but it makes me a bit sad every time I dump something because it wasn't able to fullfill it's purpose: nourishing me and my family. No little strawberry should ever have to end up in the trash. Due to poor time management SOOOO much food is wasted throughout the year. I should be fully aware of what's in the house and if I can spend money on it then I should be fully capable of utilizing it before it's expired. Right?

I have begun to imagine a large poster that shall display all Forty Five goals. I intend to place it somewhere in this house before the first of next year where I'll be able to look at it each morning and every evening. These goals are really starting to add up but each and everyone of them are just tiny things that I should really be in the habit of doing already. I'm really just taking a few good steps in the right direction I suppose.

45 Daily Goals for 2012
1. Balance the checkbook everyday
2. Get rid of something useless everyday
3. Throw some change in the Christmas jar everyday
4. Cash envelope it!
5. Cook everyday/ Don't eat out (one weekly allowance)
6. Stretch please
7. Write down EVERY purchase
8. Sorry, no coffee shop coffee today
9. Really sincerely thank someone today
10. Set aside $2 for future purchases
11. Designate $2 for the peanut
12. There's $10 for spending today
13. Remember your 50 cent sugar allowance
14. Pray
15. Do NOT throw out any food

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  1. Not throwing out food is also hard for me, but something I strive for. We do "okay", and certainly much better now that I pay attention. Meal planning goes a long way helping me figure out what we need to buy, when we're going to eat it, and how to use the leftovers.