Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Bit Here and There


I just added up all the little purchases from January that were unnecessary, plus a few things I don't anticipate needing this month like cough syrup. Granted treats aren't bad. Little one time use tooth brushes aren't off limits. It is totally okay to buy a coffee from McDonald's now and again. BUT $73.46 could also buy a lot of food for dinners or a few nice meals out.

This month I really want to strategically navigate all of my purchases. A few things that I figure will save $73.46 are to not purchase coffee away from home, with one exception. I have a free coffee card for McDonald's and I only need to buy one more coffee to get the free one. I will buy one coffee this month and get one free coffee. After that I intend to not have a single coffee away from home. It will be a huge stretch but I'd also like to not buy any more coffee grounds. I have tea that I really like and although I struggle with a serious coffee addiction once my current grounds run out this month I can drink tea... maybe.That will save a few dollars.

I should also bake more
. If I bring a cookie to work with me I have no excuse to spend 79 cents on a candy bar, not that I need either but I know me. If I don't have one I will acquire the other. A homemade cookie or brownie defiantly costs less that 79 cents.

I must refrain from all the random little things; lip balm, lotion, stuff I just don't NEED. At least for February and in an attempt to save $73.46 I can do that.

Even though I've been majorly struggling with my cloth diapers (I cannot seem to get the dryer sheet incident(s) residue off of the dang things) I have yet to buy a diaper this year. I figure if I can at least use cloth diapers 68 times this month then I won't have to buy any disposables this month (with what we have left). I already made a check list to motivate myself to accomplish this little feat. Four cloth diapers used today, check.

Last, I didn't spend a ton on lunches last month but I'd like to try and not spend anything while I'm working. If I bring lunch/ food to work with me I should be able to save a bit more.

I'm going to carry this little reminder with me every day. We'll see how well that works.

I've already told myself that I will purchase a few "luxury" items this month. I'm going to buy a wall hang organizer from my sister in law who sells thirty-one items. I am planning to purchase a few more board books for my son. And Hubby and I both desperately need new socks. Maybe with these purchases I've already spent the $73.46 I'm trying to save but it will be an interesting challenge attempting to cut back even more.

Average daily spending for February: $0
NO SPEND numero 7 is in the books.


  1. I love to treat myself occasionally but I also do it as a reward. Like when I achieve some goals or have a certain amount of no-spend days etc...Also on baking, I know it's hard with the baby but maybe you can find a couple of hours and bake and then freeze some muffins to last for a few weeks. Then before you go to work, get one out of the freezer, and by lunch it will be defrosted. And kudos to you for using cloth diapers. I could never do that:)

  2. I used cloth diaper with all three of my kids. One big plus, kids potty train so much easier! I never used any fabric softener on them, makes them less absorbent. Try washing them with very hot water (if you need to, boil a pot of water on the stove and add to the washer) and some borax. Then add some vinegar to the rinse cycle, good luck!

  3. They have great board books at the library! Then he can have new ones every week. I still love the library and my kids are, 7, 9, and 12.

    1. I love the library too but I want him to have board books that he can know consistently not that we have to return. Right now he LOVES "Brown Bear" and "Moo Ba Lalala." I like that he knows his books and gets excited about reading them. AND he's been abusing the board books lately. So I'd rather he not be destroying library books.

  4. Oooh, neat reminder card!
    I need to make one.