Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Diaper and Poo Talk

OH NO I think I'm losing momentum.

There are only a few days left in February and my mind has not been on money. I don't think I spent anything yesterday but how horrible is it that I don't even remember? Yep, my mind has NOT been on money.

Who wants to hear about poop, but it is my blog, my little guy got a some toxic squirts and a pretty bad diaper rash last Thursday/ Friday. I stopped using the cloth diapers for about three days because I just don't have enough to keep up with that kind of mess and what residue I do have left on the diapers irritates the rash. So I went through a billion disposables changing a diaper about ever 30 minutes all day Saturday (not cause of runs, but just to get the pee off the rash). He wasn't sick at all just had a few awful poos and it was downhill from there. He was in horrible pain but we used baby wash clothes as wipes (way less abrasive), air dried after every change(that was entertaining ALL day Saturday... only peed all over everything twice) lathered with Vaseline and the pain was gone in about 12 hours. I'm a pretty big fan of google search. Normally he does not get diaper rash at all so this was a really weird episode for us.

All that said, I'm really deflated because I had been doing great with the cloth diapers and I just had to buy more disposables. I didn't want to have to buy more until March. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. He's doing great now. A little mark left on his bum but he hasn't had any pain since Saturday.

I better get out into that "lovely" ice storm and make my way to work so I can get a paycheck.
I hope I can shake this money haze. I really need to be focused right now! Only 9 days left in February.


  1. Glad he is feeling better and try not to be too hard on yourself!

  2. As u said, u had to do what u had to. You're doing great. This was just a hiccup. U would feel a lot worse if your little boy's bum was red raw so u did the right thing without a doubt!:-) Ireland

  3. Aww... I hope the rash is gone and doesn't come back, ever.
    You'll get back on track, in fact you're back on track already since you're taking stock now.

    1. good job tackling that problem. Your little fella is well now and budgets sometimes have to stretch to accomodate unexpected expenses. It.'s when you don't have a budget that you get into trouble! Cheers Veronica

  4. Next time he has a rash, mix equal parts Vaseline, desitin and baby powder. I was given this tip when we adopted our son, and I caled it my miracle lotion. Nothing cured a rash as fast as this mix does.

  5. Maybe you can squeeze out some money to buy more cloth diapers. In the long run that will be cheaper than having to buy disposables. I put all three of mine in diapers. I had five dozen cloth diapers.

    I remember when my son had diarrhea that ran out and down my clothing and into my houseshoes and onto the hardwood floor all the way down the hall. I had nothing else to wear. It was horrendous! Vinegar and sunshine are good for diapers. Of course, if you have no sun, you have no sunshine.