Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pretty Great Sunday

NO SPEND 9 is a success.

I mended a few holes in my clothes.

I washed the linens. I'm SO excited to go to bed. Clean sheets and fresh smelling blankets really are the best!

I solved an odd dilemma I've been having. I use holey socks as rags but sometimes after I wash them my husband gets a hold of them before I separate the laundry and I don't want my hubby wearing socks that I just scrubbed the toilet or the kitchen floor with. Ah, ha: cut off the toe! Why I never thought of this before, I do not know.

My boy did something that amazed me tonite. He piled up his new books again and was looking through them. One of the books we've had that I've read him a hundred times was sitting amongst the pile of fun. I started reciting it to him (yes I've memorized it word for word). He loves it. "The cow says moo. The sheep says baa. Three singing pigs say la la la." He gets this excited smile on his face, crawls right over to it (sitting in a pile of at least 20 books), picks it up, and holds it out to me just beaming. Awesomeness!

Average daily spending: $13.79

Today's lovely: Singing a made up song to my falling asleep (rapidly growing) cuddly baby boy. "I love you more than chocolate and more than pizza pie. I love you more than stars and sunshine. I love you more than elephants and more than zebras too. I love you more than anything." It has tons of verses. But they're different every time    : )

Happy Birthday Annabelle Princess!


  1. Sounds like a very nice Sunday:). Awesome about the book!

  2. Baby Abe the genius. I wish I could just hold him and kiss him.