Friday, February 22, 2013

Quick Update

I have NOT been keeping track of spending. Five days sure can fly by fast!

I spent pretty much all morning reworking our budget since I'm working 8 hours less a week. ALSO the tax hike seems to be larger than I'd thought at first, our insurance premiums have gone up some, and my husband started to contribute to a small life insurance policy and a 401K through work without mentioning it to me. WOW, our income just went WAY down. Oh and gas is up to $4 a gallon again. We both drive ALOT for work so the gasoline expense just jumped.

I've the budget adjusted to pay for all the bills but I can't seem to find debt payoff in there anywhere. I'm done working with numbers for today.

Average daily spending: $12.89
$24.78 Left for the month (6 days)

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