Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TOTALLY Time for Bed

Oscar the grouch reporting in for the evening. Oh my goodness I couldn't shake the grouchies today. I was just angry for no great reason ALL day. I'll tell you something, it sure is difficult trying to be spending responsible when you're in a no good horrible mood. And another thing the only reason I did not purchase a Shamrock Shake from the McDonald's drive thru is because of what I believe to have been the entire College rowing team ordering at the drive thru all at once. I have to use McDonald's wifi for work at least twice a day (from the parking lot). I was absolutely planning on getting that scrumptious green shake from the completely dead drive thru as soon as my work had sync'd (one car, ONE car went through the entire time I was sitting there syncing). I kid you not, about 15 seconds before my sync was done a line of guys, seemingly never ending filled the entire parking lot out into the road. Oh was I angry (angrier, I'm not kidding, raging mad all day). Yep, that's the kind of day I had AND I did not even get my "hoping to cure the grouchies" Shamrock Shake. A little secret I may share is that I'm a tiny bit glad those boys filled the drive thru line, parking lot, and roadway. I did not need a shake but oh would it have been tasty.

AND the Cadbury eggs are in the stores again... woah is me. I have NOT bought one yet. Oh, I did buy my one McDonald's coffee for the month though after my morning sync. I had hoped it would cheer me up a bit... obviously didn't work. I do have a full coffee card now (FREE coffee).

Average daily spending: $12.99

I did happen upon two lovelies today: First there was an adorable kitty footprint trail in the snow this morning. It made me smile real big. Not my kitty. I think she's been out of the house 4 times in her 10 years of life. Then later I saw a bumper sticker that said "Ugly is in." That one cheered me up beyond belief. I really smiled inside and out, from ear to ear and head to toe. Hehe, it was on the back of a horribly ugly van too. Maybe a small part of the humor in it...


  1. :) He he, "ugly is in" :) funny:)
    Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. You are doing fantastic. I have had those days where I am angry and irritable for no real reason, so totally understand how that goes.

    And Cadbury eggs.....Yummy!!!!! The one and only time I had a craving while pregnant, I asked my husband to stop on our way home because I NEEDED a cream egg!!!!! He was having one of those angry, cranky days and would'nt stop. He felt guilty later and came home the next day with a weeks worth. Of course the craving had I ate them angry :)