Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lovely Today

I would like to do a blog post with "lovelies" from you ALL.
If you happen upon a moment today that's lovely as can be and then if you'd like to share that moment with me; comment on this post. I'd really enjoy turning your comments into a post for all the world to see.
That was not meant to rhyme but I just can't alter it now : )

Looking for lovely bits of life today! I really enjoy hearing about the beauty you all see.

p.s. if you have a blog that's not linked to your user name or if you comment anonymously and would like your blog linked to your "lovely" moment please leave your URL in with your comment. Neat.


  1. Stood on the porch of my soon to be house and looked out at the beautiful mountain view I will get to enjoy every day!

  2. We took our dog Mattie to PetSmart today and she got to see her former foster parents before she came to us and the group that saved her. She was a skittish and scared girl and has really turned around and come out of her shell, and we are so proud of her progress.

  3. My lovely is that it's my day off and I get to recharge my batteries.

  4. Just found your blog! Love reading it and your little boy is so cute!

  5. my lovely was finding time to read for a few hours and still being able to get all of my have to's done as well, thus ending the day feeling accompished :)